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Material Handling for Automotive Parts

Givens Lifting Systems has designed and manufactured custom lifting equipment for the automotive manufacturing industry to lift and carry every automotive part conceivable. Unlike cranes, industrial manipulators maintain one consistent attitude regardless of the load’s center-of-gravity due to their inherent rigidity. Used to lift automotive parts such as doors, hoods, exhausts, fuel tanks, seats, batteries, hatches, engines, transmissions, instrument panels, sub frames, brakes, struts, calipers, steering gear, air conditioners, and more.

Our in-house engineers manufacture custom lifting equipment unlike any other in the industry. We build custom manipulators, cranes and end-effectors out of standard parts that we stock on-the-shelf. Our company mass-produces and stocks our own grippers, bearing assemblies, rotators, handlebars, pneumatic boxes, crane rails and end trucks. We thoroughly engineer, endurance-test, mass produce, and stock our components. As a result, automakers benefit from fast delivery and lifting equipment with high strength and low weight.

Lifting Equipment and Cranes for Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Industrial Manipulators

Industrial manipulators are the high-speed, high-performance manual material-handling solution. Normally, there are no up-down push buttons; instead, operators working within the automotive manufacturing sector can pull the load up and down in a perfectly balanced state. With cranes, close attention must be paid to keep the center-of-gravity of the load aligned with the hoist, but with industrial manipulators, their inherent rigidity keeps the load in one consistent attitude regardless of center-of-gravity.

Bridge Cranes

We build some of the lightest bridge cranes in the world. When automotive parts have to be transferred quickly (in 30 seconds or less) and precisely, the weight of the bridge crane becomes all-important. Our bridge cranes are also the most versatile on the market, with longer overhanging allowances, with splices as strong as the rail, with the option of an open end, with column patterns that are not rectangular, and so on.

Jib Cranes

Let’s face it – jib cranes have acquired a reputation for being heavy and awkward. At Givens, our engineers have reinterpreted the jib crane to better suit the automotive parts handling sector. Our jib crane booms are some of the lightest in the world, which tackles the jib crane’s greatest drawback. Our jib cranes can also often be “foundation-less”, due to our large base plate size.

Custom Cranes

Moving automotive parts requires the most unusual cranes, because often automotive parts have to be installed on the vehicle while it moves through the assembly line. Every crane we provide is custom in some way. Our cranes can be hung from overhead in a line-side situation or floor-mounted away from the line.

Automotive Parts Lifting Equipment that Meet Industry Challenges

Givens Lifting Systems has taken the path less traveled in terms of innovative automotive parts lifting equipment. After more than 25 years in the lift equipment sector, our team of experienced thought leaders continues to design innovative automotive parts handling machinery based on mass-produced, heavily engineered components. Every year, our team presents new products and new innovations to the market.

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