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Bridge Cranes

Custom Manufactured Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes, also known as overhead cranes, are industrial machines used to lift and transport heavy loads precisely. Hoists in bridge cranes travel along parallel runways connected by bridges. As industry leaders in industrial custom lifting systems, we are able to provide the best overhead cranes and lifting solutions in the USA. We pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of lightweight bridge cranes and will continue to provide clients with professionally engineered and customized lifting solutions.

Givens manufactures custom bridge cranes for a unique lifting solution that offers versatility and can be tailored to unique work settings and environments. We have provided industrial businesses in the United States with expertly designed and crafted bridge cranes for over thirty years.

Expertly Engineered Bridge Cranes in the United States
Our bridge cranes are engineered for the lowest rail weight, the highest strength and the greatest versatility. 

Benefits of Bridge Cranes & Overhead Cranes

Free-Standing Bridge Crane Support Frame

Givens manufactures one of the strongest support frames for bridge cranes on the market. In contrast to competitor products, G-Rail™ bridge cranes do not require attachment to the building structure for stability. We have some of the largest columns in the industry supporting our overhead cranes, which are completely free-standing. For instance, C250 cranes have 5” x 5” columns, where competitor’s bridge cranes can sometimes only be 3” x 3” and 4” x 4”.

Rigid Bridge Crane Design

We manufacture our bridge cranes with the runways as part of the cranes frame. By recruiting the runway as part of the design we are able to stiffen the top of the frame. A saddle clamp is another component that is exclusive to Givens. The saddle clamp connects the header of the bridge crane firmly to the runway. We manufacture our G-Rail™ bridge crane headers from tubing to reinforce the runway direction.

Versatile G-Rail™ Bridge Cranes

Sometimes one size doesn’t always fit all, especially when it comes to industrial cranes. A perfectly rectangular bridge crane may not work for your business and we understand that there are often specific requirements for industrial spaces. Our team can come up with an alternative, custom lifting solution that fits your business specifications.

Lightweight Bridge Crane Capabilities

The crane profile of the G-Rail™ bridge crane, combined with Slant-Truss bolt-on reinforcements, create one of the lightest lifting systems in the world. The importance of a lightweight overhead crane becomes increasingly important when you need to move a load quickly and securely.

Patented G-Rail™ Bridge Crane Slant Truss

The patented Slant Truss is an all-aluminum bolt-on bridge crane reinforcement system that significantly increases the stiffness of the G-Rail™ Bridge Crane making it one of the sturdiest overhead cranes available. We add or remove Slant Trusses from the bridge crane depending on the load. In cases where the load does not exceed the maximum rail capacity, longer spans than 4m do not require trusses.

When spans approach 25’, 30’ or even 35’, the weight of traditional bridge cranes increases exponentially, making them ergonomically impossible. There is simply too much weight to pull back and forth quickly. The G-Rail™ overhead crane is extremely lightweight and reinforced with a Slant Truss, making long spans much more feasible.

The Slant Truss is an optional component that can be added to the bridge crane or not, depending on the needs of the load. G-Rail™ overhead cranes do not need to be reinforced if the span is 4m (13’) or less. If the loading is less than the maximum rail capacity, longer spans than 4m can be used without a truss. 

Low-Friction Rigid Aluminum End Trucks & Trolleys

In order for bridge cranes to move precisely and quickly than require low-friction end trucks. G-Rail™ bridge cranes offer rigid end trucks, rather than articulating end trucks, to prevent the overhead crane from skewing off the runways. The low-friction rigid end trucks allow G-Rail™ bridges to move evenly, reducing the ‘pendulum effect’.

We machine all our end trucks from aluminum rather than welding them. By using aluminum we are able to create a more accurate and square-fit for all our end trucks which dismisses the possibility for binding. To reduce friction, Givens ensures that your end truck guide wheels are perfectly fitted on your overhead crane.

Trolley bearings are open-architecture, allowing water to shed and evaporate and making inspections easier. Trolley bearings are stainless with food-grade lubrication. Welds are continuous and water-tight, so there are no fastened joints that might trap liquid.

Disengage-able Air Tractor Drive

At Givens, we manufacture our air tractor drives with the ability to disengage from the bridge crane rail when not in use. This allows the load to ‘free-wheel”, giving the overhead crane operator the choice between pulling the load manually or engaging the tractor drive at any time. For these tractor drives, we recommend the air motor be supplied with a small amount of oil if using frequently and continuously. However, for limited and intermittent use, the tractor drive can be run oil-free.

Tractor Controls on hoist pendant for bridge cranes by Givens Lifting Systems in the US.
Tractor controls on hoist pendant

The team at Givens can help find a solution that best suits your specific needs. Give us a call at 419-724-9001.

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