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Cantilevered Bridge Cranes

Cantilevered Bridge Cranes

Rarely does a bridge crane installation occur in a straightforward rectangular layout. Often, obstacles and accessibility challenges come into play. Among the most common hurdles is the need to maintain forklift access and space for racks. This is where the ingenious cantilevered bridge crane solution comes into play.

What Is a Cantilevered Bridge Crane?

A bridge crane is a dynamic lifting system, featuring a bridge rail that gracefully traverses two dedicated runways. When we talk about a cantilevered crane, we’re describing a crane that extends beyond a fixed set of columns, creating an impressive overhang.

In the photo you see here, the entire crane is cantilevered from just two robust columns, each securely anchored to the floor via substantial base-plates. It’s worth noting that the crane rail utilized in this configuration is our cutting-edge C250 G-Rail™.

Ensuring Secure Anchoring for Overhung Loads

1. Specialized Chemical Anchors: To support moment loading and withstand forces attempting to dislodge the anchors, specialized chemical anchors with a substantial tensile load capacity are essential.

2. Moment Loading: Moment loading places specific demands on the concrete floor. This demands a need in for the area around the base-plate to be free of cracks or seams, a minimum thickness of 6 inches, and the inclusion of standard wire mesh within the concrete. These requirements are typically achievable in most standard factory settings.

3. Engineering Approval: Whenever dealing with moment loading, it’s crucial that the crane and its floor attachment be reviewed and approved by a licensed professional engineer. The same moment loading requirement is met routinely in jib cranes and manipulators.

4. Cantilevered Bridge Crane: In the attached photos, a cantilevered bridge crane is suspended from four columns, exerting a less severe loading on the concrete. Additionally, our rail-on-rail reinforcement is employed for extended spans in the runways.

Optimizing Production Space and Lift Strength

Streamlined Design: This cantilevered crane, supported by just two columns and robust base-plates, optimizes space without compromising on strength. I-beams are chosen for their suitability for lighter loads and shorter overhung distances.

Engineering Considerations: While cantilevered I-beams are efficient, they are susceptible to lateral-torsional buckling, a crucial factor to address during the crane’s engineering phase.

Versatile and Valuable: Cantilevered bridge cranes prove to be highly versatile within various production layouts. They excel in scenarios with lighter loads and ample base-plate space to distribute the load.

Tailored Solutions: Whether your needs demand engineering, design, fabrication, or installation, we are equipped to craft a customized cantilevered crane solution that fits your exact requirements.

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