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G-Rail™ Crane Capacity

G-Rail™ Overhead Crane Capacity

The maximum bridge crane capacity with a G-Rail™ rail already includes the weight of the rail system itself, as well as the weight of one trolley and one hoist. This means that the maximum load stated for the crane refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted by the hoist and suspended from the hook, in addition to the weight of the rail system, trolley, and hoist. It’s important to note that exceeding the maximum weight capacity of the crane can be dangerous and cause damage to the equipment, so it’s crucial to always operate within the stated limits.

G-Rail™Max. Cap.Max. Span without TrussMax Span with Truss
C100100kg4m / 13′9m / 30′
C250250kg4m / 13′9m / 30′
C10001000kg4m / 13′9m / 30′
C20002000kg4m / 13′9m / 30′
C100 Bridge Crane Capacity vs Span
C250 Bridge Crane Capacity vs Span
C1000 Bridge Crane Capacity vs Span
C2000 Bridge Crane Capacity vs Span

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