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G-Rail™ Crane Track Profiles

G-Rail™ Bridge Crane Track Profiles

These G-Rail™ shapes feature an extremely high moment-of-inertia (stiffness) to weight ratio. They also have an unusually high torsional stiffness compared to most traditional bridge crane track profiles. Notice the profile height in relation to its width — maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio.

C100 Aluminum Profile

Nominal 100kg capacity, 130mm x 55mm

C250 Aluminum Profile

Nominal 250kg capacity, 150mm x 70mm

C500 Aluminum Profile

Nominal 500kg capacity, 130mm x 55mm

C1000 Aluminum Profile

Nominal 1000kg capacity, 250mm x 110mm 

C2000 Aluminum Profile

Nominal 2000kg capacity, 295mm x 130mm 

G-Rail™ cranes can maintain its nominal capacity for spans as long as 4m. Spans up to 9m can be achieved by using the patented light-weight Slant Truss reinforcement or the rail-on-rail reinforcement for low-headroom applications.

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