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Indoor-Outdoor Cranes

Indoor-Outdoor Cranes

The Indoor-Outdoor crane is designed to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces by traversing a gap. This gap is wide enough to accommodate a standard roll-up door, allowing the crane to move effortlessly between the two environments.

As a result, there is no need for trucks to enter your building. The crane can venture outside, lift the load, and return indoors, effectively keeping snow and dirt outside where they belong. This innovative crane solution has been successfully utilized at our sister company, Givens Engineering, based in London, Ontario, for several years. Watch here

An indoor-outdoor crane in a manufacturing facility

Experience the benefits of this unique crane design that offers convenience, efficiency, and a clean workspace. Contact us to explore how the Indoor-Outdoor crane can enhance your operations.

Two Tractor Drives that assist in moving the carriage on the rail

Air Tractor-Driven Bridge System

The bridge, which is the moving rail, is propelled along the runways by air tractor drives, as depicted. These air tractors can operate using either air or electric power and are controlled from the same pendant as the hoist.

The capacities of the system can vary, ranging from 100kg to 2,000kg. This wide range of capacities allows for versatility in handling different loads according to specific requirements.

Optimizing Space: Tandem Bridge Setup

In these photos, the system utilizes two bridges working in tandem, placed at opposite ends of long bundles of beams or tubes.

To optimize floor space utilization, it is recommended to keep truck loading activities outside the main facility. By doing so, valuable floor space can be preserved for other operations.

Runway Gap and Indoor-Outdoor Bridge Crane Combination
Roll Up Door and Gap In Rail of Indoor-Outdoor Bridge Crane

Monorail Bridge Crane

However, in certain cases, a monorail system can be employed as an alternative to a bridge-and-runway setup, as shown in this installation.

We invite you to visit request a demonstration of our systems in action. Experience firsthand the efficiency and benefits they offer.

If you have a concept or idea that you would like to explore further, please contact us for a detailed estimate. Our team is ready to assist you in evaluating the feasibility of your idea.