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Monorail Cranes

Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes are a single (mono) rail system that allows for travel back and forth along a rail, but not in a rectangular working area like a conventional bridge crane.

A monorail is an effective solution when material is repetitively moved in a direct path from one point to another. Monorails can be supported by a floor or ceiling mounted structure.

The following image is of a G-Rail™ Monorail Overhead Crane with a capacity of 500kg or ~1000 lbs. This overhead crane is supported with floor mounted columns and provides a straight path between stations.

dual telescoping monorail bridge crane
Dual Telescoping Monorails

Here is an example of a pair of telescoping monorails that share a floor mounted column structure. The telescoping monorail provides a direct path between two stations, but the crane rail can retract out of the way from a robot cell or forklift aisle, for example.

For more examples of telescoping cranes see our page here

Monorails can allow for a curved track which is helpful when a linear path is not feasible and there is not enough room for a bridge crane system. A monorail loop can also be offered for a continuous repeated circuit, where tractor drives could be used to move an assembly fixture from station to station.

I Beam Curve Monorail
I Beam Curve Monorail
I Beam Monorail Loop
I Beam Monorail Loop

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