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Multi-Ton I-Beam Bridge Cranes

Multi-Ton Free Standing Bridge Cranes At Givens, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in warehouse management. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Multi-Ton I-Beam Bridge Crane with capacities of 3-10 tons, now available in a fully electric version for processes where pneumatic systems may not be ideal. See the […]

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The Innovative Truck Channel De-Nester

Revolutionizing Material Handling Efficiency A few years ago, Givens began a project to develop an innovative “De-Nester” system designed for truck channels. This system’s primary function was to autonomously disentangle the channels as they advanced along a conveyor. Initially, channels were loaded onto the conveyor in a “nested” configuration, but with the introduction of the […]

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Givens’ Expansion Journey: A New Beginning in London, Ontario

Acres and Acres for Progress In the dynamic world of manufacturing and machinery solutions, growth is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. For Givens Engineering — a sister company to Givens Lifting Systems, this commitment to growth has just taken a significant leap forward. Exciting news is on the horizon as Givens Engineering proudly […]

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Stack-able Carts & Metal Pallets

These carts offer unparalleled convenience with a consistent shape and size, available in both “single” and “double” configurations to suit your specific needs. Whether used independently or in conjunction with our pallets, these carts are versatile additions to your operation. In this image, on the right side, you can see our “single” cart, thoughtfully designed […]

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