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Handlebars with Pneumatic Controls

Our handlebars are designed for ergonomic operator control solution for pneumatic end effectors/lift assists. Each STD-H assembly includes right and left hand control handles, handlebar and a stem mounting clamp. The control handles are available in 1, 2 or 3 push button configurations and each has one finger trigger. All components feature lightweight, anodized aluminum construction. 

Reliable Humphrey 3P valves and push buttons provide pneumatic pilot signals for device functions. Rubber grips are included as standard. 

The handles are highly configurable. The position of the handlebar along the clamp, the rotation of the handles about the bar and the angle of the controls perpendicular to the bar are adjustable.

STD-H Pneumatic Handlebars Assembly by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

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  • Includes clamp for 1.25″ square stem, permits height adjustment 
  • 3 position adjustable handle angle 
  • Adjustable independent tilt for both handles 
  • Adjustable handle spacing 
  • Available in 1,2,3 push buttons (+ trigger) 
  • Replaceable rubber grips 
  • Anodized red finish 
  • Reliable Humphrey valves
Givens Floating Handlebars