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Industrial Light Cranes

As the leading industrial light crane manufacturer in the United States, Givens Lifting Systems has over 30 years of experience providing quality industrial material-handling equipment. We offer an extensive selection of industrial light cranes from bridge cranes and a workstation crane, to a jib crane and slide-column cranes.

Bridge Cranes manufactured in the US by Givens Lifting Systems

Bridge Cranes

One of the lightest industrial lifting systems in the world is the G-Rail™ bridge crane. Speed and responsiveness are key features of these lifting systems. The modular design of these structures allows for quick erection and adaptability to any situation.

Jib Cranes

We offer unique lightweight G-Rail™ jib crane options. The lightweight boom used on this type of lifting device is designed to keep rotational momentum to a minimum, maximizing efficiencies for the operator.

Due to the large base-plate, this lifting device often does not require a concrete foundation. These features speed up the installation process making a G-Rail™ jib crane not only efficient but cost-effective.

Jib Cranes manufactured in the US by Givens Lifting Systems
Stainless Steel Bridge Crane manufactured in the US in Givens Lifting Systems

Stainless Steel Bridge Crane

We have material handling solutions that will avoid contamination in industries that require it. Our stainless steel, overhead lifting systems are easily washable making them perfect for corrosive environment or the food processing industry.

Stainless Steel Jib Cranes

The stainless steel jib crane variations we offer can withstand frequent cleaning without sacrificing their performance. We manufacture a final product that is ideal for corrosive, food and pharmaceutical processing, and material processing environments.

Stainless Steel Jib Cranes manufactured in the US by Givens Lifting Systems
KBK Bridge Cranes available from Givens Lifting Systems

KBK Bridge Crane

It is becoming more common for enclosed track lifting systems to replace beam-style bridge lifting systems. One of the first enclosed track was the KBK bridge crane. This device has a single enclosed-track boom that pivots around a central column.

We offer a selection of KBK bridge lifting systems that can be tailored to manufacture your industry requirements. 


This lifting device includes a slide-column which combines all the advantages of a manipulator and lightweight, industrial crane. A slide-column keeps the load held rigidly and can place a load underneath an obstruction (for example, under a car hood).

Larger slide-column lifting devices are useful in eliminating the swinging that can often result from using tractor drives with heavy loads, for example when moving engines.

Slide-Column Cranes manufactured in the US by Givens Lifting Systems
Tractor Drives by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.

Air Tractor Drive

The Air Tractor Drive (STD-AT) is a friction wheel travel drive that moves a load along an overhead crane rail. The air tractor drive has a very high power density and is able to drive up to a 3000 lbs load along a level runway.

The air motor provides high stall torque and can reverse direction nearly instantaneously.

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