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Jib Crane Components

Jib Crane Components

Explore the essential jib crane components and their essential roles in smooth lifting operations. Our comprehensive tables provide valuable data on load capacity, reach, and other crucial specifications, helping you choose the perfect jib crane for your needs. Simplify your decision-making process and optimize your lifting tasks with confidence!

The method of attachment of the jib crane to the floor must always be specified by a Professional Engineer. Jib crane components and columns may be bolted to the floor or may require a foundation. If the engineer specifies floor mounting, the concrete has to be a minimum 6” thick, 3kpsi (or 20MPa) compressive strength sound concrete, using HILTI – HY200 or equivalent chemical bond with minimum 5-1/2” embedment.

Jib Crane components by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

J 250B______

G-Rail™ Jib Crane Load Capacity

100Up to 100kg
250Up to 250kg
500Up to 500kg
1000Up to 1000kg
2000Up to 2000kg

G-Rail™ Jib Crane Components

BBoom Assembly, includes: 1 Trolley, 1 End Stop, 1 End Cap, 3 Festooning Trolleys, 1 Diagonal, 1 Boom Pivot
CColumn Assembly (Specify HUB)
RG-Rail™ (Specify Length)
FTFestooning Trolley (Optional extra)
ISIntermediate Stop (Optional)
RBRotary Brake (Optional)
TTrolley (Optional extra)

G-Rail™ Jib Crane Standard Length

Specify the required length for G-Rail™ Standard length is up to 5 meters. eg: J250-R-4.0 (J250 Rail, 4-meter long) 

G-Rail™ Jib Crane Column Height

Specify the Column height eg: J1000-C-3.25 (J1000 Column, 3.25 m Height under Boom)

Unless an option is chosen, the jib crane can be specified entirely by the choice of Boom(B), Column(C), and Rail(R).