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Low-Headroom Jib Cranes

Low-Headroom Jib Cranes

In the world of project engineering, a common challenge frequently arises – the notorious “low-headroom problem” encountered with jib cranes. Picture this scenario: an overhead obstruction looms, severely limiting the vertical clearance for a jib crane. However, the task requires lifting a load to its highest point, as demonstrated in the accompanying illustration.

This balance between restricted space and the necessity for reaching maximum lifting heights is a common challenge in engineering, one that calls for creative problem-solving and innovative approaches.

Low-Headroom Diagram

Advantage of Low-Headroom Jib Cranes

A practical solution calls for a slim boom that can easily navigate beneath the obstruction while optimizing hoist elevation. The traditional steel I-beam can serve this purpose, but it imposes a laborious task on the operator—maneuvering the hefty I-beam back and forth throughout the workday.

What’s truly essential is a jib crane design that embodies lightness and minimizes headroom requirements.

In fact, we’ve taken a significant step forward by submitting a patent application for a jib crane that precisely meets these criteria: lightweight, low-headroom, and specifically designed to alleviate the challenges posed by spatial limitations.

Low-Headroom Jib Crane Prototype
J100LH Jib Crane w/ ~220 lb Capacity

How Our Low-Headroom Jib Cranes Work

Rail On Rail configuration diagram for low-headroom jib crane

Our low-headroom jib crane showcases a remarkably slim aluminum boom supported by a top-mounted, steel flat-bar extending a fraction of the boom’s length.

Here is an illustration of a 550-lb capacity low-headroom jib crane featuring a rail-on-rail configuration with two lightweight aluminum rails, ensuring efficient operation within confined spaces.

Jib Crane Lifting Capacities

The steel flat-bar in our design is engineered to withstand immense tension, ensuring the safe movement of heavy loads. Simultaneously, the aluminum rail effectively manages significant compression forces, particularly at the point where it interfaces with the sturdy steel upright.

Our Low-Headroom configuration is available in three robust capacities: 220-lb, 550-lb, and 1102-lb. Each of these options offer versatility to meet a variety of lifting needs.

The innovative low-headroom G-Rail jib crane represents a remarkably lightweight and low-profile configuration, engineered to optimize lifting capabilities. This is a patent-pending solution, making it uniquely exclusive and not currently offered anywhere else in the market.

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