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Past KBK Crane Projects

Past KBK Crane Projects

Welcome to our gallery of KBK crane projects. We have completed numerous KBK bridge crane installations for various industries and applications, and we are proud to showcase some of our completed projects here.

KBK Crane Projects in Automotive Industry

We installed a KBK bridge crane system in an automotive facility to lift and move engine parts and other heavy components. The system was customized to fit the specific needs of the facility, and it has been in operation for several years now, providing efficient and reliable material handling.

Manufacturing Industry

Large KBK crane projects using 3 KBK1 runways and 2 ALU120 bridges

A manufacturing company approached us to install a KBK bridge crane system in their facility to lift and move large machinery parts. We designed and installed a customized system that can handle loads of up to 5 tons. The crane has proven to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Here you can explore some past KBK bridge crane installations. Extremely large KBK crane using three KBK1 runways and two ALU120 bridges, supporting an aluminum slide column. 

The length of these bridges are 45′. 

Note that the crane hangs from the ceiling from custom-designed support steel.

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