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The Innovative Truck Channel De-Nester

Revolutionizing Material Handling Efficiency

A few years ago, Givens began a project to develop an innovative “De-Nester” system designed for truck channels. This system’s primary function was to autonomously disentangle the channels as they advanced along a conveyor.

Initially, channels were loaded onto the conveyor in a “nested” configuration, but with the introduction of the “de-nester,” they underwent a seamless separation process, as demonstrated below:

When it sensed the channels on the conveyor, it slowly lifted, closed, opened, and separated them. This process was made possible with a series of rectangular magnets, just like the ones you can see in this picture:

Creating the truck channel de-nester was quite a journey. We put in a lot of engineering know-how and plenty of trial-and-error to make it work seamlessly. Here’s how it operated:

At Sterling Truck in St. Thomas, Ontario, the de-nester, pictured in its “closed” state, proved to be a game changer. It worked tirelessly through two shifts, replacing the strenuous manual labor of workers who once had to use crowbars and long rods to separate truck channels. This not only made the process much easier but also safer.

For control, the de-nester offered flexibility. It could be operated with proximity sensors and relays, though it truly excelled when paired with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Moreover, it could be powered by either an electric motor or pneumatic systems, adapting to the specific needs of the operation. This remarkable innovation boosted efficiency and safety, setting a new standard in material handling at Sterling Truck.

De-nester & Other Manufacturing Fixtures

Givens is renowned for its innovative devices in truck manufacturing. Notable examples include a fixture for heavy truck axles, streamlining assembly, and a roof fairing lift device that enhances aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. These innovations reflect Givens Engineering’s commitment to improving heavy truck production.

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