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Acres and Acres for Progress

Givens - Owners
(Left – Right) Ray Givens, Cameron Givens, Brent Givens

In the dynamic world of manufacturing and machinery solutions, growth is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. For Givens Engineering — a sister company to Givens Lifting Systems, this commitment to growth has just taken a significant leap forward.

Exciting news is on the horizon as Givens Engineering proudly announces the acquisition of four acres of prime industrial land in London, Ontario. With this expansion, Givens Engineering is not only securing its future but also bolstering its ability to serve customers better than ever before.

The expansion will be the foundation for the growth of the Canadian team, welcoming an additional 30 skilled workers. This, in turn, will bring their total workforce to over 90 dedicated individuals, all committed to delivering excellence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, having a dedicated workspace is essential. Givens understands the importance of owning our own shop space, especially in a competitive and unpredictable real estate market. This move will empower them with the flexibility and room for expansion needed to meet growing capacity demands.

Ray Givens, the Chief Executive of Givens Engineering, sums it up perfectly: “This is about expansion and consolidation… We have seen steady growth over the years. We have to be ready and industrial real estate is very tight.” The company’s unwavering commitment to their future is not just a promise to themselves, but a guarantee to their valued customers. With this expansion, Givens Lifting Systems and Givens Engineering affirm their commitment to delivering high-quality lifting and machinery solutions, ensuring that they can continue to support the equipment they provide.

Stay tuned as Givens Engineering embarks on this exciting new chapter, strengthening its roots and reaching even greater heights in the world of manufacturing and machinery solutions. The future is bright, and Givens is ready to shine.

See the article featured in the London Free Press: