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Gripping End Effectors

Gripping End Effectors

Our powered gripping end effectors use a latch grip or friction grip to lift your parts.  Gripper jaws are customized to fit the geometry of your part and can be designed to accommodate multiple model variations.  Givens can provide innovative solutions to lift your part in a way that suits your existing production process, with grippers handling lightweight parts of a few lbs, to heavy systems that can pickup 2000lb + parts, and rotations and tilts to get the gripper into the right orientation.  Whatever your lifting needs, we can help you find a solution that gets the job done while keeping your operators safe and meeting ergonomic best practices.  Contact us to discuss your custom lifting needs!

We specialize in creating advanced end effectors to optimize efficiency across various industries. Our solutions are mostly tailored for the automotive sector, including an engine block rotator, a fuel tank manipulator with a 180-degree rotation, an automotive seat handler, and a truck wheel aligner with an air motor for precise positioning. Additionally, we provide solutions for tailgate and hood shell alignment, aluminum under-tray rotation, and simultaneous gripping of multiple rotors.

Our end effectors enhance the assembly of large plastic fittings, simplify metal fin installation, and manage heavy tasks like gripping copper blocks, castings, hybrid battery systems, and hot metal forging manipulation.

Beyond the automotive realm, we offer versatile options such as:

Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that your manufacturing processes reach new levels of efficiency. Contact us today to explore how our end effector solutions can transform your operations.

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