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Hooks & Tongs

Below The Hook Lift Assists (For Cranes)

Givens Lifting Systems can custom manufacture below the hooks lift assists for virtually any shape and capacity. All lift assists are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B30.20. 

We also design complex, active lifting devices including pneumatic grippers, magnetic lifters & vacuum lifters for hoists, robots or manipulators. Our ‘active’ end effectors can incorporate a number of complex movements or accommodate many different part models. Please see the End Effector / Lift Assist Tooling section for more information.  

Example Applications

The following examples are just a handful of lift assists that we have supplied to our satisfied customers:

Scissor Tongs

Mechanical scissor-tongs are designed to handle various types of castings, offering flexibility in sizing as long as the operator can manually open them. Beyond a certain size, powered options like air-assisted opening or latching tongs, as described below, come into play. For example, tongs for water pump assemblies feature adjustable jaws, ensuring adaptability to a wide range of part sizes. When it comes to castings, our tongs provide a cost-effective method of gripping, utilizing the load’s weight to secure the jaws. These tongs require manual operation for opening and closing. Notably, our Ø18″ cylinder scissor tongs have been enhanced with a mechanical safety latch, prioritizing security in handling.

Whatever your gripping needs, we have the solution tailored to optimize your processes.

Hooks & Lift Assists

Our advanced lifting equipment is engineered for versatility and efficiency. Specifically designed to accommodate a multitude of models of automotive transmissions, the showcased version boasts a 240 lbs capacity. A secure manual locking latch ensure parts remain firmly in place. The optional, innovative electric motor drive assist in lifting the material through precision worm gears and reducers. The shackle’s position adjustment allows for precise angle changes during the lift. Complementing this device are two latching frame lifters, offering ease of use with a passive, mechanical latch mechanism (Gravity Hook) that engages effortlessly under the load’s weight.

Heavy-duty truck frame lifters, with a robust capacity of 6000 lbs, employ two latches operated by a single handle for secure lifting. Notably, our tongs, designed for heavy truck frames, exhibit semi-automatic jaw operation during elevation. With a convenient remote handle, the operator switches the latch between open and closed. During the handling of unconventional shapes, such as the truck spindle shown, our custom-designed grabs ensure a perfect fit, complete with latches to securely grip the load. At Givens, we specialize in tailored solutions to enhance your lifting processes with precision and safety.

Every lifting device must meet these stringent requirements:

  • At least a 4:1 designed safety factor
  • Meeting or exceeding ANSI specifications
  • All welders are individually AWS & CWB certified
  • Documentation is provided for dye-penetrant testing of critical welds and other stress points.
  • Load testing to double the rated capacity, with documentation 
  • Assembly drawing stamped by a Professional Engineer
  • Rated load conspicuously labeled

In every order, each unit comes with full electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic documentation.

Other Applications

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