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Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams

At Givens Lifting Systems, we specialize in crafting tailor-made spreader beams that ensure the secure lifting of sizable or unwieldy objects. Our customized spreader beams can feature multiple lifting points, precise fit specifications, and adaptable load leveling, ensuring both safety and efficiency.

Every lifting device must meet these stringent requirements:
  • At least a 4:1 designed safety factor
  • Meeting or exceeding ANSI specifications
  • All welders are individually AWS certified
  • Critical welds and other stress points are dye-penetrant tested, with documentation
  • Load testing to double the rated capacity, with documentation 
  • Assembly drawing stamped by a Professional Engineer
  • Rated load conspicuously labeled
  • Complete mechanical, pneumatic and electrical documentation is included with every unit shipped.

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