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Stainless End Effectors

Stainless End Effectors

In food, pharmaceutical, or harsh corrosive environments, typical off-the-shelf end effectors aren’t going to be useful. We can provide custom designed stainless steel equipment that can survive harsh corrosive contact, or environments that need to comply with food safety and wash-down environments. 

Our surfaces undergo bead-blasting to eliminate imperfections that could trap dirt. This makes them the go-to solution for scenarios where even approved epoxy paints are unsuitable due to potential paint flaking. These are frequently utilized in strict environments such as food processing, pharmaceutical, and clean rooms. This type of design minimizes fasteners and paint, maximizing the use of welds and bare stainless steel. Our range includes stainless steel tongs, a custom galvanized lifting cage for saltwater environments, a stainless steel drum tipper, and a food-grade bag lifter.

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