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Vacuum End Effectors

Vacuum End Effectors

Not all parts are suitable for being gripped by a pair of squeezing jaws, or have latch-able features. Vacuum is a great alternative for non-porous surfaces where gripping and latching just won’t do the job. Givens has provided custom vacuum lifting systems for decades to lift a wide range of different materials and shapes: metal sheets, wood doors, bags, glass, plastic dunnage and more. 

Whatever your lifting needs, we can help you find a solution that gets the job done while keeping your operators safe and meeting ergonomic best practices. Contact us to discuss your custom lifting needs!

Discover our range of vacuum end effectors for precise and efficient handling. From a 90-degree rotation windshield tool to adjustable suction cups for doors, we offer solutions for various tasks. Need to stack plastic dunnage? Our handlebar-equipped solution with 180-degree rotation is here. Streamline sheet transfers with our remote-controlled machine and sturdy vacuum cups. For bags and exhaust systems, our vacuum lifts provide convenience. Revolutionize automotive tasks with our hoods and parts lifter, equipped for lifting and rotating.

At Givens, we empower your operations with innovative solutions that make oversized and heavy material handling a breeze.

Vacuum End Effector Gallery

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