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Hooks & End Effectors

At Givens Lifting Systems, we engineer and manufacturer top-quality end effectors, roll handlers, hooks, tongs and lift assists for cranes. In mechanical lift assists, end effectors are attachments that are interchangeable depending on the task.

Our team of experienced designers, engineers, machinists, welders and installers can create a custom end effector that will work best for your unique project. Quality, efficiency, and speed are our priorities when producing units. Every automated machine item we manufacture meets the strictest of quality standards and is of the highest quality in the industry.

End Effectors

We design and manufacture custom pneumatic, electric and vacuum powered lifting devices suited to serve your specific business needs. Powered end effectors can facilitate the process of moving parts between operations. End effectors can also incorporate movements from a variety of pick up and set down orientations.

Roll Handling

Roll handlers easily grip the inside of fiberboard and plastic core rolls. Our roll handling devices will improve the lifting and moving of extremely heavy rolls that can weigh several thousand pounds. A roll handler can assist the operator by providing both vertical and horizontal gripping of the roll. The handler can be equipped to both manipulators and cranes.

Hooks & Tongs

Givens Lifting Systems manufactures custom hook lift assists to suit virtually every capacity and shape required. All hook and lift assists are made in accordance with the ASME B30. 20. Everything from cylinder scissor tongs, coil hooks, transmission lifts, hoists and more; trust Givens Lifting Systems for the highest quality mechanical hooks and lift assists.

For exceptional quality mechanical hooks and end effectors, trust the team of experts at Givens Lifting Systems. Get in touch with us today to discuss your end effector or mechanical hooks and tong needs.

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