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Cranes and Lifting Equipment for Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

As an industrial manufacturer, efficiency is one of the leading ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. Every industrial manufacturing production line aims to reduce the amount of manpower required to accomplish the task. We build customized cranes to meet the unique needs of your production lines, so you can reduce costs, increase profit margins and find efficiencies.

We have the equipment necessary to lift and relocate heavy equipment and components throughout the various manufacturing stages and to different areas within a facility. Our cranes and lifting equipment are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. You can rest assured workers and important components are properly protected. 

Trusted by Leading American Manufacturing Businesses

Some of the US’ most recognized manufacturing businesses across various sectors have entrusted us with their projects. In an effort to improve work settings and minimize downtime, Givens Lifting Systems designs and manufactures each crane and lifting machinery to represent the unique needs of our clients and their intricate production sites.

We proudly supply material handling solutions to manufacturers such as:

  • Ipex
  • Bosch
  • Bombardier 
  • General Electric 
  • Caterpillar 
  • Novarc Tech 

Designed to Improve Industrial Manufacturing & Production

Computerization plays a major role in modern industrial manufacturing. Technicians still must be onsite to verify the machinery is working properly and be capable of adjusting throughout the day as needed. Raw steel, however, is too heavy to simply fit and move from storage to the forming machines by raw strength of physical labor.

That’s where Givens Lifting Systems machinery comes in. Our cranes and material handling solutions are designed to unload materials from trucks and move it to the workspace where it needs to be and load it onto the machine, whether an automated lathe or CNC cutter so the job can get started. Designed to work in most environments. Customized based on specific industry requirements.

Custom Lifting Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

It’s common for factories to have varying layouts and need one of our machines sized or hold different dimensions than the standard. Givens can also look at out of the ordinary considerations your field might have and help design a completely customized piece of equipment to solve the problems you may have experienced in the past with traditional cranes and lifting equipment.

Our engineers are creative problem solvers capable of reviewing your industrial lifting needs and determining how best to meet them. We provide American manufacturers with specialized equipment such as hooks and tongs, and grippers to further facilitate their manufacturing process.  

Leading Industrial Crane Manufacturer

We build our machines to exceed industry standards and legal requirements for safety and reliability. For more information about our custom cranes and lifting solutions, contact us today.

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