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Intelligent Bridge Crane Drive

Intelligent Crane – X Y Drive

The X Y Drive is an exciting, new product that is part of a family of emerging technologies known throughout the material handling industry as "Intelligent Assist Devices". 

 Our product leverages the advantages of bridge cranes, ergo arm manipulators and automated material handling.

How It Works

The X Y Drive senses the direction that an operator pushes the handlebars of an end effector and drives the crane in that direction. Servo-driven tractor drives engage against the crane rails and propel the crane. 

 For loads up to 2000 lbs, a slide column would be substituted for the Crane Arm, where the load travels up and down a column. The slide column (and Crane Arm) are rigid arms that do not allow any swinging of the load. Acceleration and deceleration are smooth and responsive so that accurate placement of loads is much easier.

The pushing forward, backward and sideways of the handlebars is sensed, fed into an algorithm and drive signals are sent to the servo-drives, regardless of which direction the operator is facing. If the drive system breaks down (or if the operator chooses not to use the drive, for accurate positioning, for example) then the crane freewheels in all directions, allowing the operator to push the load manually.  
The crane arm balances the weight pneumatically using a compound arm with the operator pulling up and down on the handlebars to cause vertical movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Can handle heavy loads (up to 2000 lbs) that would be difficult to move manually 
  • Unlike other Intelligent Lift Assists that use cable hoists, a crane arm or slide column manipulator can support an overhung load 
  • The motion of the device can be automated. The X Y drive can be programmed to travel between stations in a work cell, or an operator can command the device to travel to a home location while tasks are being completed. 
  • The X Y drive Is PLC controlled. There are no proprietary 'black boxes' or custom controllers; the X Y drive can be reprogrammed & maintained by the end user. 
  • The X Y drive controller is aware at all times of the position of the load. This information can be used by the end of arm tooling, end effector or local automated machinery to trigger events. This feature can also be used for safety, for example, to prevent a part from being released until it is over an assembly table. 
  • The drives will work with many brands of enclosed crane rail. 
  • The X Y drive as been designed as a low-complexity, economical alternative to competing products.
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