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At Givens Engineering, the Canadian sister company of Givens Lifting Systems, is currently pursuing a patent for a highly distinctive crane. This crane has the unique ability to roll over gaps, moving easily from indoor to outdoor allowing for the seamless closure of a roll-up door within such gaps.

This means that trucks do not have to enter your building; the crane can move outside, lift the load and move back inside, leaving snow and dirt outside – where it belongs!

An indoor-outdoor crane in a manufacturing facility

Having demonstrated impressive efficacy over several years at Givens Engineering, this innovative crane consistently lifts heavy loads from outside trucks and transports them indoors, and vice-versa, daily in London, Ontario.

Trucks conveniently unload outdoors as the crane, using a standard roll-up door, seamlessly transitions back inside, carrying the load. Remarkably, no adjustments to your dock or roll-up door are required.

The pinnacle of the Indoor Outdoor Crane’s achievement lies in its specialized, elongated end truck, uniquely crafted to roll over rail gaps.

The movement of each bridge (the moving rail) is powered by a pair of tractor drives, as depicted. These drives effectively propel the bridge across the gap. When one tractor is in the process of traversing the gap, the other is responsible for advancing the load. These versatile tractors can be either air-powered or electric, and they are operated from the same control pendant as the hoist.

Traditionally, valuable indoor space is often wasted by allocating a section of the building for a truck entrance. However, with the implementation of the indoor outdoor crane, trucks can be accommodated on the exterior, eliminating this inefficiency.

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