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Low Headroom Lifting Equipment and Cranes

Growing manufacturing and commercial operations routinely find their facilities need to enhance productivity, but height limitations create impediments. Whether your operation has encumbrances such as duct work, heating units, mezzanines, or areas with a shortage of clearance, low headroom lifting equipment remains a viable solution.

As an industry leader, we bring vast experience designing cranes for low headroom. Although this continues to be something of a specialization, Givens Lifting Systems has been working diligently to resolve the challenges confronting a wide range of industries. That’s why we have existing low headroom lifting equipment available and can customize machinery to improve your productivity.

How to Select Cranes for Low Headroom Can Help

Space limitations rank among a manufacturing or commercial facility’s greatest adversity. That’s largely because too many operations are under the misconception that heavy, load-bearing lifting equipment requires an expansive room. That may have been true decades ago, but the advanced technology employed by our team of innovative designers and engineers has led to increasingly space-efficient cranes. The notion that an overhead crane requires substantial clearance is no longer the norm. These are products that can deliver the necessary productivity and safety within limited heights.

Bridge Cranes

  • This class of lift equipment can be customized for low overhead use.

Jib Cranes

  • Our jib crane designs enjoy a powerful capacity and a lightweight boom.

Industrial Manipulators

  • These workstation assets can be deftly placed and designed to function in limited space.

Overhead Cranes

  • Made from stainless steel, our overhead cranes are routinely customized to adapt to low-overhead use.

Low Headroom Lifting Equipment Solves Height Limitations

With more than a quarter-century of experience working across wide-reaching industries, we have earned a top-tier reputation for the customization of cranes for low headroom usage. We have specially designed equipment for working under overhead obstructions. One telltale example of our expertise is the development of an ultra-low headroom, semi-automated bridge crane to lift engines under-screen guarding.

When selecting the best cranes for low headroom applications, it’s vital to work with an organization that understands there are no one-size-fits-all lifting equipment. Our goal is to help decision-makers secure machinery that can overcome space limitations and perform efficiently at a reasonable cost. To improve your profitability-driving productivity, we are ready to work through height limitations if you are facing these obstacles. Contact us today to schedule a consultation today.