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Manipulator Models

Industrial Manipulator Models

There are six basic models of manipulator, named by the moment capacity at Axis 1 (the “shoulder”).

Manipulator ModelMaximum Moment Axis #1Payload (End Effector + Part)Reach (Axis #1 to mEE+PART)
TA515,000 in*lbs120 lbs6-8 ft
M2525,000 in*lbs150 lbs8-10 ft
M3535,000 in*lbs150 lbs9-11 ft
M6060,000 in*lbs330 lbs9-11 ft
M120120,000 in*lbs770 lbs10-12 ft
M200200,000 in*lbs1200 lbs11-14 ft
The lengths for Arm 1 Arm 2 increase in increments of 10″ are available on-the-shelf.
Both arms are typically available on-the-shelf in sizes
industrial manipulator dimensions and components
ModelBase plate Size ‘B’1st Axis HeightAxis 2 Offset
TA520″ x 20″N/A4.125″
M25/M3530″ x 30″41″5″
M6038″ x 38″42″5.25″
M12048″ x 48″43″7.375″
M20048″ x 48″43″8.25″

Industrial Manipulators in Action

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