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These carts offer unparalleled convenience with a consistent shape and size, available in both “single” and “double” configurations to suit your specific needs. Whether used independently or in conjunction with our pallets, these carts are versatile additions to your operation.

In this image, on the right side, you can see our “single” cart, thoughtfully designed to accommodate one pallet with ease. On the left side, our “double” cart takes the spotlight, showcasing its impressive capability to handle two pallets simultaneously.

Our commitment to consistency extends to our pallets as well. They maintain a uniform size, making them interchangeable and stack-able up to three high. This stack-able feature maximizes your storage and transportation capabilities while ensuring the safety and stability of your valuable cargo.

Single and Double Pallet Cart with casters with operator
triple stacked pallet carts with caster wheels with operator

Equipped with 8″ swivel casters, each boasting a 1000-lb capacity, our carts effortlessly glide across your workspace. This remarkable maneuverability ensures swift and efficient transportation, even in confined spaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy lifting and welcome the ease and efficiency of our cart and pallet system.

Double cart alone portrait
Capacity for single Custom cart

Our pallets are engineered for versatility and safety. Each pallet comes equipped with a sturdy ¾” white plywood floor that provides stability and support for your cargo. However, if your specific needs require it, the floor can be easily lifted away and not used, allowing you to customize the pallet to suit different types of loads.

Safety is paramount in our design. We’ve ensured that every pallet can be safely lifted by a forklift from all four sides. Thanks to the innovative design, forks can enter into tubes from any side, maximizing safety during the lifting process. Features like this ensure that your operations run smoothly and securely, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to your valuable materials.

Custom Metal Pallet with Operator
Metal stack-able pallet with no cart
Custom Metal Pallet with Operator Kneeling

The Givens commitment to quality and functionality ensures that your material handling needs are met with precision, allowing you to streamline operations and boost productivity. Upgrade your workflow with our reliable carts and pallets today!


Capacity for “single” and “double” carts: 3000lb or 1360kg

Capacity for a single pallet:  3000lb or 1360kg

Capacity for a pallet when bearing a stack of other pallets: 4000lb or 1800kg

Maximum stack height: 3 pallets high.

Carts and Pallets at Work

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