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Torque Arms

Torque Arms

For custom-made and highly engineered torque arms and tool-holders, trust Givens Lifting Systems to design and manufacture the torque handling solution to suit your unique needs. Whatever the height, weight or torque required, there are virtually no limitations in terms of the customization we can incorporate into our specially designed torque arms.

Torque Arms For Any Application

Torque Arms have two roles: 

  1. When tightened, they absorb torque generated by the process. 
  2. Torque arms provide the necessary lift so that the nut-runner floats at all times on the end of the torque arm, following naturally horizontally and vertically.

Designed specifically to float on air, our torque arms are extremely easy to maneuver. In general, the arm itself is mass-produced and stocked. The tool-holder however, is custom-made for the specific application at hand. The tool-holder can be very simple or can be more complex and include brakes or other unique functionalities.

Torque Arms with Muscle!

A nut-runner consists of a servomotor and a gear reducer controlled by PLC and monitored through an HMI. Refer to images right and below. The torque arm rises to a height of 4m on a pneumatic slide and applies a torque of 160Nm (120 ft-lb). The number of rotations and the torque are continuously monitored and logged.

Trombone converges on both nut and bolt to fasten simultaneously.

1000Nm (750 ft-lb) of torque! Applied to large fasteners in a military vehicle. When you need really serious torque, we can provide a serious arm.

For more information regarding Givens Torque Reaction Arms, download our informative brochure below and contact our team of professionals to discuss your unique needs.

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Torque Arms Features

  • Torque arms are made to assist the operator in supporting the weight of the end effector/tooling
  • The use of torque arms allows a workload to ‘float’, therefore there are no up/down push buttons required
  • Torque arms are lightweight and agile. The axis assemblies are made of anodized aluminum
  • Soft-stops at the first and second axis are adjustable
  • Torque arms are clamped to the post, the height can be adjusted

Optional Torque Arm Accessories

  • Torque Brakes are available for the first and second axis, to eliminate drift
  • Bearing block assemblies are available at the end of the second arm allowing the end effector to rotate 
  • The parallel arms can be fitted with vertical travel stops 
  • The STD-TA series can be fitted with encoders to track the position of the tool so that individual torque values can be programmed for every fastener
  • Torque Tubes can be used instead of torque arms – when it is necessary to hang a nut-runner from a crane  

There are many torque arm models to choose from based on required torque, arm size, payload and typical reach. The chart below demonstrates the differences between the main torque arm models and their unique capacities. 

Torque Arm Model Selection

Arm SizeTA1TA2TA5TA10TA20
Torque75ft-lb, ~100N-m150ft-lb, ~200N-m370ft-lb, ~500N-m750ft-lb, ~1000N-m1500ft-lb, ~2000N-m
Approximate Pay Load *10lb, ~5kg30lb, ~15kg50lb, ~25kg100lb, ~45kg150lb, ~70kg
Typical Reach4ft, ~1.2m5ft, ~1.5m7ft, ~2.0m8ft, ~2.5m10ft, ~3.0m

* Pay Load = weight of nut runner + weight of tool holder

Total capacity is always a combination of torque and payload; always consult a Professional Engineer before designing a torque arm.

Approximate shape for TA1TA2TA3TA10 and TA20 are slightly different. Arm 1 and Arm 2 are normally stocked in lengths that vary in 10” increments.

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