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Automated Positioning

Manipulator by Givens Lifting Systems Inc carrying rear hatch
Givens manipulator carrying a rear hatch and four nutrunners to automatically attach and tighten

Check out this short video of the laser guided torque tool:

Automated Positioning Nutrunner

Automated positioning is used for groups of nutrunners that are carried by manipulators or cranes. Groups of nutrunners can be automatically moved into position and activated.

We design, wire and program! Nutrunners, grippers and movements are all programmed and PLC-controlled. Readouts of nutrunner positions and torques can be monitored on a display. 

The manipulators, cranes and automated machinery that support the nutrunners are designed and manufactured by Givens….every part of the project integrated together by one company.

Automated Positioning custom nutrunner torque tool
Four nutrunners mounted on slides to automatically spread and tighten, PLC-controlled, hung from a crane
Automated Positioning PLC and nutrunner controllers by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
PLC and nutrunner controllers
2799 HMI display by Givens Lifting Systems Inc. Automated Positioning
manipulator and nutrunner by Givens Lifting Systems Inc. Automated Positioning
Manipulator with hatch and nutrunners
Custom tooling holding nutrunners through hatch
Tooling holding 4 nutrunners passing through the hatch opening

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