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Custom Tool Holders

Givens Lifting Systems can design and build custom accessories for your torque arm application.

In the image above, notice the shot pin at the right, which locks the nutrunner at different angles. When a trombone is used, there is always the possibility of “torque lock”, which makes it impossible to remove the tool from the tightened fastener. To prevent this, we provide an anti-torque-lock device that allows the nutrunner to move free of the fastener.

Other Torque Tools

Have an unusual application? Let Givens Lifting Systems design and build a custom tool.

Custom Torque Tool Holders

We create a wide variety of custom tool holders! If you need your nutrunner to pivot, spin or lock in several positions, we can make it happen. Our large engineering staff and fully-equipped machine shop turn out a huge volume of tooling and machinery of all types on a continuous basis.

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