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STD-TA2 Torque Arm Dimensions

STD-TA2 Torque Arms

Introducing the STD-TA2 torque arm, equipped with a blueprint detailing its design and functionality. The blueprint illustrates the arm’s specifications: maximum torque of 150ft-lb (200N-m), standard arm lengths of 21.5″, 30″, and 40″, payload capacity of 30 lbs, and a Ø3.25″ bore x 4″ balance cylinder size. All these details are also conveniently listed in the standard table provided for quick reference and easy comparison.

Max Torque150ft-lb 200N-m
Standard Arm Lengths21.5″, 30″, 40″
Payload30 lbs
Balance Cylinder SizeØ3.25″ bore x 4 stroke
Standard Post Height85″
Max Operating Pressure100 psi

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