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Hooks & Tongs

Below The Hook Lift Assists (For Cranes)

Givens Lifting Systems Inc can custom manufacture below the hook lift assists for virtually any shape and capacity. All lift assists are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B30.20. 

We also design complex, active lifting devices including pneumatic grippers, magnetic lifters & vacuum lifters for hoists, robots or manipulators. Our 'active' end effectors can incorporate a number of complex movements or accommodate many different part models. Please see the End Effector / Lift Assist Tooling section for more information.  

Example Applications

The following examples are just a handful of lift assists that we have supplied to our satisfied customers:
custom latching frame lifter by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Latching Frame Lifter
Truck frame lifter with passive mechanical latch. The latches are kept locked by the weight of the load. There are 2 latches that are operated by a single handle. Capacity is 6000 lbs.
custom cylinder scissor tongs by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Cylinder Scissor Tong
Scissor tongs for Ø18" cylinders. A mechanical safety latch has been added.
custom adjustable scissor tong by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Adjustable Scissor Tong
For waterpump assemblies. These tongs feature adjustable jaws to accommodate a large variation in part size.
custom coil hook by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Coil hook
For capacities up to 100,000 lb. The example shown has a capacity of 20,000 lbs and accommodates a maximum coil diameter of Ø50". This coil hook also features an oversized counterweight.
load leveling spreader beam and frame lifters
Load Levelling Spreader Beam
The lifting shackle is driven along the beam by an electric motor though a worm gear and reducer. The position of the shackle is moved to change the angle of the part being lifted. Hung from this device are 2 latching frame lifters (shown top left).
Hooks and Tongs - Transmission Lift by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Transmission Lift
Accommodates 2 different models of automatic transmissions. The capacity is 240 lbs. The part is lifted from a lug on the housing and from underneath a ledge on the casting. A manual, locking latch retains the part.
large custom scissor tong by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Large Scissor Tong
For large castings. Mechanical tongs can be made in any size as long as the operator can open them. Beyond that size, a powered means of opening the jaws, such as air, is necessary, or latching tongs, described below, can be used.
custom mechanical latching tool by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Mechanical Latching Tool
For heavy truck frames. These tongs open and close semi-automatically; each time the tongs are raised and lowered, the jaws change state. The operator, with a remote handle, trips the latch from open state to closed state, and vise versa.
custom steering knuckle - hooks and tongs
Mechanical Grabs
For unusual shapes (truck spindle shown). Grabs are custom-designed to fit whatever load is being lifted, with latches to hold the part firmly.
custom coil hook by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Coil hook
For capacities up to 100,000 lb (Example shown is 6000 lb). Coil hooks are balanced with a counterweight, loaded and unloaded.
custom scissor tong by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Scissor Tong
For Castings. Tongs are a low-cost means of gripping an object using the weight of the load to keep the jaws closed. They require that the operator manually open and close the jaws

Every lifting device must meet these stringent requirements:

  • At least a 4:1 designed safety factor
  • Meeting or exceeding ANSI specifications
  • All welders are individually CWB certified
  • Critical welds and other stress points are dye-penetrant tested, with documentation
  • Load testing to double the rated capacity, with documentation 
  • Assembly drawing stamped by a Professional Engineer
  • Rated load conspicuously labeled

Complete mechanical, pneumatic and electrical documentation is included with every unit shipped.

Other Applications

  • Spreader Beams
  • Barrel Handlers
  • Custom Hooks
  • Slings
  • Forklift Attachments
  • Magnetic Lifters
  • Load Leveling Devices
  • Pallet Lifters
  • Vacuum Lifts
  • Sheet Metal Lifters
  • Coil Hooks
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