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Jib Cranes

Givens Lifting Systems is proud to be the leading provider in custom-designed jib cranes and material handling solutions in the United States. Considered the most lightweight in the industry, our specially-designed and manufactured jib cranes are developed to meet the unique material handling needs of your business.

The Givens Lifting Systems team of expert engineers, designers, machinist and welders creating custom-designed and manufactured jib cranes for manufacturer’s throughout the US. Our industry-leading jib cranes and custom lifting solutions help us design the perfect crane for your businesses unique needs.

What Is a Jib Crane?

A jib crane consists of a column and a boom that pivots about the column. It is used as a less expensive alternative to a bridge crane, or in situations where the 4 columns of a bridge crane would occupy too much space. Jib cranes are made in 2 different styles: the ‘straight’ jib, which predominates, and the ‘articulated’ jib, which is less often used, because of higher weight and cost.

Lightweight G-Rail™ Jib Cranes

Reinventing the Jib Crane
The number one reason why engineers do not specify jib cranes more frequently is the weight of the jib cranes' boom. At Givens Lifting Systems, we manufacture our jib cranes to be the lightest in the industry. A light jib crane boom minimizes the rotational momentum, which is essential when working with this style of crane. When a boom is too heady the part transfers are slow, making the jib crane less than ideal for the operator. 
Often, a jib crane requires a concrete foundation. This can be a barrier for some businesses as the installation process can be lengthy and difficult. At Givens Lifting Systems, we are able to install our lightweight jib cranes without a concrete foundation speeding up the installation process.
J250 Jib Crane manufactured by Givens Lifting Systems in the US
Up to 2000kg – J250 Jib Crane, 4m Boom
Standard rotational softstop with optional brake and optional intermediate stop by Givens Lifting Systems in the US.
Standard rotational softstop (black sleeve), Optional brake, Optional intermediate stop (red ring)

G-Rail™ Jib Crane Benefits & Features

Lightweight Jib Crane Boom

As mentioned previously, most engineers avoid jib cranes due to the heavy momentum of the boom which can slow down the operator. At Givens Lifting Systems, our lightweight aluminum boom has been designed to be one of the lightest on the market so your operator won't experience any setbacks. Heavy jib crane booms made primarily of steel are no longer your only option. Our aluminum booms will enhance your workplace productivity.

Due to our G-Rail profiles, our aluminum jib cranes are lightweight allowing for a higher moment-of-inertia to weight ratio. The unusually high torsional rigidness of our jib cranes compared to traditional profiles, maximizes the stiffness-to-weight ratio. 

Foundation-less Jib Cranes

The baseplates of our jib cranes are unusually large, so that in most cases, the jib crane can be bolted directly to a factory concrete floor. However, all jib crane installation details must be specified by a Professional Engineer. Our team can ensure that foundation-less jib cranes are correctly and professionally installed and secured.

Power Rotation Air Tractor

At Givens Lifting Systems, we’re proud to offer customization options for our jib cranes, including the option to add an air tractor when power rotation is needed. Our jib cranes also allow for loads to moved manually; simply disengage the air tractor drive with the push of a button.
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Givens Lifting Systems' Jib Cranes

At Givens Lifting Systems, our team engineers and manufacturers two unique styles of jib cranes in-house:

Straight Jib Cranes

The most popular type of jib crane is the straight jib crane. This model makes up over 95% of jib cranes sales due to their budget-friendly price point and lightweight features. With a straight jib crane, the hoist rolls along the horizontal boom, which is made of aluminum G-Rail.

Articulated Jib Cranes

Articulated jib cranes are ideal for situations where there are obstructions or limitations that a straight jib crane cannot accommodate. For example, if a jib crane has to reach around a building column, a straight jib cannot do this, but an articulated jib can. However, the articulated jib is made of steel and is more expensive.

Stainless Steel Jib Cranes

Both straight jib cranes and articulated jib cranes can be created in stainless steel. Stainless Steel jib cranes are manufactured for material handling to withstand repeated wash-downs and allow for water to shed off the unit quickly.

For more information about all of our customized lifting systems and solutions, contact the expert team at Givens Lifting Systems.
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