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Stainless Steel Cranes & Lift Assists

Stainless Steel Lifting Devices For Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals & Clean Rooms

Givens Lifting Systems manufactures stainless steel custom lifting solutions for applications where materials must be handled in environments where particulate contamination must be avoided, in corrosive environments, or in areas that are frequently washed or disinfected (such as in food processing). Our custom stainless steel cranes and lift assists are created by welders that are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for stainless steel welding.
Stainless Steel Jib Cranes
Givens Lifting Systems offers stainless steel ceiling-hung, floor-standing and jib cranes. Floor standing and ceiling hung stainless steel jib cranes can be mounted on custom stainless steel support structures or certified to operate on existing supports.
Stainless Steel Custom Material Handling Systems
Givens Lifting Systems specializes in complete, custom engineered material handling systems. Food processing equipment will conform your requirements in addition to all applicable Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and/or US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Featured Stainless Steel Cranes & Lift Assist Applications

Air-Driven, Ceiling Hung Crane & Scissor Tong End Effector

This stainless steel custom lifting system lifts process equipment in a dairy plant. The industrial crane is enclosed-track stainless-steel and is hung from ceiling trusses. The hoist is an air driven 250 lb capacity model that has been approved for food processing.
There are two air tractor drives that drive the hoist along the bridge and the bridge along the runways. A control pendant has been included to position the 2 air tractor drives.
The air tractor drive is a modified version of our standard air tractor drive and has been supplied with stainless steel hardware and metal components have been coated to prevent corrosion.
Below the hook is a scissor lift assist made from stainless steel.
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