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Industrial Applications of Custom Material-Handling Solutions

Givens Lifting Systems is proud to be a leading manufacturer of light cranes in the United States. For over twenty years, our team of experienced engineers, designers, machinists, welders and control specialists have been creating custom lifting solutions and light cranes for a wide range of businesses – all specially designed to meet the unique needs of their specific businesses.

Quality Material Handling & Lifting Equipment for Every Application

From specially designed industrial manipulators, bridge cranes, jib cranes, to custom automation machinery and conveyors, all of our products are designed and engineered in-house by a dedicated team of engineering professionals. Our diverse industry knowledge ensures that each product we build is made to excel in the application it was designed for and improve work settings and processes for our customers.

Applications & Lifting Equipment

Automotive Parts

Our lifting equipment has been used to lift every conceivable automotive part. We provide custom engineered cranes, manipulators and lifting equipment that are unique to the automotive industry and offer custom-designed and engineered lifting equipment for a wide range of automotive parts, including but not limited to:
  • Batteries 
  • Fenders 
  • Windshields, Rear Glass 
  • Doors 
  • Hatches  
  • Engines 
  • Transmissions  
  • Instrument Panels 
  • Hoods 
  • Automotive Structural Components 
  • Steering Columns 
  • Exhausts 
  • Roof Panels 
  • Differentials 
  • Bumpers 
  • Headliners 
  • Air Conditioners 
  • Radiators 
  • Front-End Modules 
  • Shock Absorbers 
  • Tires 
  • Fuel Tanks 
  • Inverters 
  • Hybrid Batteries 
  • Rotors 
  • Axels 
  • Floor Panels 
  • Drive Shafts 
  • Engine Grades 
  • Seats 

Coil, Bar & Plate Handling

Heavy-duty lifting solutions specially designed to withstand rigorous metalworking conditions and environments.

Critical Lift Equipment

Our industry-leading critical lift equipment is trusted and used within some of the most intricate lifting configurations.

Glass Handling

Specially designed and trusted handling equipment created to facilitate the manoeuvring of delicate glass panes and products.

Low Head-Room Lifting Equipment

Custom lift-handling solutions uniquely designed for setting where headroom is significantly limited.

Maintenance Cranes

High-quality and custom engineered cranes for the unique needs of maintenance centres and facilities.

Metal Shop Equipment

We provide versatile and trusted lifting solutions for metal shops to assist with the manoeuvring of metal parts and structural metal components.

Roll Handling

Custom roll handling solutions to meet the unique needs of production facilities, such as paper and plastic production.
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