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KBK Bridge Cranes

KBK Bridge Crane by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

KBK Enclosed Track Cranes:

Traditional Bridge cranes are characterized by the bridge, which is the moving beam, and two stationary rails, the runways. 

KBK cranes were some of the first enclosed track cranes invented. Enclosed track rails have largely replaced the older I-beam style cranes that were used previously. 

KBK Bridge Cranes

In the most typical KBK bridge crane arrangement, shown here, the worker pulls the hoist along the bridge, and the bridge along the runways manually. The bridge articulates, that is, it swings to an angle with respect to the runways as it moves along. As a result, if a worker makes small movements at one end only of the bridge, only that end of the bridge moves, resulting in much less energy consumed.

KBK Bridge Cranes

The support stand, bolted to the floor is made by Givens Lifting Systems. KBK bridge cranes are most often customized to some extent to fit around obstructions and machinery in a typical factory. 

KBK Bridge cranes can also be hung from the ceiling, or from cantilevered floor stands. 

Rating: Most operator-friendly crane style. For fast part handling, it is best if the bridge is kept short and light.

KBK Jib Cranes

Enclosed Track Jib Crane Boom

KBK jib cranes have a single enclosed-track boom that pivots about a central column. Normally they are floor-mounted, but they can also be attached to a wall or to the side of a machine.

KBK Articulated Jib Cranes

An articulated jib has a joint midway along the boom, to be able to reach around an obstruction, or to be able to collapse to pass by an obstruction. 

Rating: Least expensive crane style, not recommended for fast-paced, repetitive material handling.
KBK Bridge Crane by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
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