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Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators and Articulating Arms

Givens Lifting Systems offers pneumatically-balanced manual lift assists identified as industrial manipulators. Our industrial manipulators are manufactured in the United States and are designed to easily allow operators to lift and position parts as if they were an extension of their own arm. Our high-speed, high-performance industrial manipulators and articulating arms are the manual material-handling solution that renders the load virtually weightless to the operator. Since there are typically no up or down push buttons, operators can focus on moving the load quickly rather than what button to push. Unlike a crane, industrial manipulators can help to support a load that might be offset from the axis of the end effector.

M35 Manipulator made in the US by Givens Lifting Systems with end effector for gripping an auto chassis component
M35 Manipulator with end effector for gripping an auto chassis component
End Effector by Givens Lifting Systems in the US for engine block with 180 rotation.
End effector for engine blocks with 180 rotation by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

Types of Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators for Brake Press

Givens Lifting Systems' industrial manipulators for brake press use a patented end effector that moves a metal sheet through a brake press. The brake press manipulator is a style of industrial manipulator that allows one operator to perform the tasks efficiently that would normally be performed by two.

Slide-Column Industrial Manipulators

The Side-Column industrial manipulator was designed by Givens Lifting Systems to provide a rigid column with high mobility. It combines the best features of manipulators with the great travel of a crane. Slide-column manipulators are particularly helpful when it comes to larger loads, minimizing the swinging that would normally make it difficult to place a load.

Specially-Mounted Custom Manipulators

At Givens Lifting Systems, we can create custom and specially-mounted industrial manipulators to suit your unique projects. Our specially-mounted custom manipulators can be mounted on a crane to allow for exceptional travel and can also be mounted on taller columns when greater height is required.

What Can Industrial Manipulators Do?

  • Industrial manipulators can reach into enclosed spaces (such as a vehicle)
  • Manipulators reach under obstructions
  • Industrial manipulators and articulating arms offer greater placement precision than is possible with a crane
  • Generally, industrial offer faster cycle times than cranes

End Effector Components for Industrial Manipulators

An important component of every manipulator is the end effector. Consisting of handlebars, gripper, and rotation component an end effector can cost around the same amount of the industrial manipulator itself. End effectors are unique because they have to be custom designed for the part that they are lifting, unlike manipulators that can be mass-produced. At Givens Lifting Systems, we manufacture and stock end effector components, such as handlebars, grippers, bearing assemblies, and rotation units. All of our end effector components are designed based off of research and are tested to ensure optimal performance.

M35 End Effector that grips and tilts by Givens Lifting Systems Inc. in the US.
M35 End effector that grips and tilts by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

Givens Lifting Systems Manipulator Models

Givens Lifting Systems offers 6 standard industrial manipulator models that are all available in increasing moment capacities. The industrial manipulator model numbers refer to thousands of inch-pounds of moment capacity.

  • Model TA5
  • M25
  • M35
  • M60
  • M120
  • M200
An M120 Manipulator floats a truck instrument panel into the cab by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
An M120 Manipulator floats a truck instrument panel into the cab by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
M35 hanging from a Cantilevered Manipulator St (CMS) at Givens Lifting Systems in the US
M35 hanging from a Cantilevered Manipulator St (CMS); end effector grips tilts seat frame.
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