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AutoBalance for Manipulator Handlebars

Manipulators have offered the fastest, smoothest material-handling solution available. But traditionally, they are only able to balance one or two weights without changing settings. AutoBalance (patented) is a feature that solves this problem by automatically “memorizing” the weight while lifting the load. It is all-pneumatic. AutoBalance is a revolutionary technological advance in industrial manipulator control that automatically balances a succession of loads of unknown weights. The operator has no up/down pushbuttons; as the handlebars of are manipulator pulled up down, the balance point rises falls on-the-fly!

Handlebars equipped with AutoBalance by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
Handlebars equipped with AutoBalance
AutoBalance also has the effect of assisting the operator in overcoming the inertia of the load the arm. In the largest manipulators, the M120 M200, AutoBalance is routinely added even if there is only one load.
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