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Brake Press Manipulators

Brake Press Manipulators

The Brake Press Manipulator uses a very specialized end effector (patented), that can follow the movement of a plate or sheet that is being formed in a brake press. As the ram descends, the plate rises through an angle while the grippers passively comply with the travel. The brake press manipulator allows a single operator to perform operations that would normally require 2 workers. Typically the sheet is turned over 180 degrees in the process of forming.
Brake Press Manipulator turns a 10' sheet 180º degrees
Brake Press Manipulator turns a 10' sheet 180º degrees

How does the Industrial Manipulator for Brake Press Work?

Brake Press Manipulator in action in Wisconsin. Notice that the operator does not have to press up/down pushbuttons to move the articulating arm vertically; the arm floats up down in response to the operator's movements. While the sheet is bent in the industrial manipulator for the brake press, the manipulator maintains its grip continues to "float" the metal sheet at all times. 

 The metal sheet angle tilt is passive while the bending occurs, but becomes active outside of the press, responding to the operator's tilt up/down pushbuttons, using our patented AutoBalance system. The metal sheet can be rotated 180 degrees upside down without letting go. The manipulators handlebars can be slid up down a rail so that a comfortable height can be maintained
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