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Slide-Column Manipulators

Slide-Column Manipulators, Developed by Givens Lifting Systems

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The Slide-Column manipulator combines the best features of a manipulator  and a light industrial crane.   

In fact, the two very different worlds of cranes manipulators intersect with the Slide Column.

The Slide Column manipulator was developed over many years by Givens designers to offer a rigid column with the mobility of a crane.   
SC5 Slide Column manipulator for fuel tanks suspended between 2 G-Rail bridges by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
SC5 Slide Column manipulator for fuel tanks suspended between 2 G-Rail bridges by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

Advantages of Slide Column Manipulator

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The Slide Column consists of 2 vertical rails and one fixed one sliding. The sliding rail travels vertically, held aloft by an air cylinder. The end effector hangs from the bottom of the slide column manipulator is free to rotate from a bearing block
 The end effector (usually a gripper) is held rigidly upright cannot swing or pivot as it would hanging from a crane. This rigidity of the slide column manipulator is enormously useful: 
  • When lifting an offset load 
  • If the load has to be pivoted, causing the center-of-gravity to shift 
  • If the load has to be inserted into an opening, in the same way as putting a cake into an oven 
  • If there are multiple loads, each with a different center of gravity 

 All of these advantages are offered by a manipulator, but a manipulator has a limited reach radius. A slide column manipulator is a very lightweight lifting device that can travel as far as a crane can: up to 9m in the direction of the bridges 40m in the direction of the runways. 
3465 slide column manipulator by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.
SC5 Slide Column manipulator with end effector for auto seats, riding on G-Rail.

Slide Column Manipulators for Floating Loads

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One of the great advantages of manipulators over cranes is their ability to make a load float without up/down push buttons. This is also possible with the slide column. 

 In the case of the floating load, the operator simply pulls up down on the handlebars while the load floats. Without the distraction of up-down pushbuttons, an operator's speed accuracy can be increased.     

Slide Column Manipulators for Floating Loads

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Slide columns are always suspended between 2 bridges. The bridges typically carry exaggerated loads because an offset load (aka a moment load) will cause a downward load on one bridge an upward load on the other. 

The bridges have to be very strong, yet lightweight. In most cases, we use G-rail™ cranes with the Slant Truss reinforcement (patented) with slide columns. 

Slide-Columns for Bridge Cranes

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In this case, the slide column is suspended between 2 KBK bridges. Note that the bridges cannot be allowed to articulate (or skew) have been "rigidized" via specialized end trucks.  The end effector here consists of a set of automated nutrunners that fasten an auto hatch in place. Instead of festooning, cable tracks have been used.   
"SC5 Slide Column manipulator equipped with a battery end effector for use in auto assembly, riding on G-Rail by Givens Lifting Systems Inc."

Slide Column Manipulator Load Capacity

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Our SC5 Slide Column manipulator has a moment capacity of 5,000 in-lb, measured from the center of the bearing block outward a lift capacity of 300 lb, including the weight of the end effector. 

The SC5 is an all-aluminum, very lightweight lifting device, developed to withstand repeated applications of offset loads starts stops. It is normally fitted with up-down pushbuttons, but can be made to work in "float mode" as well.
Pictured here are two huge steel slide columns meant to carry a 1000-lb assembly including an engine, radiator, cradle, rotors struts. It is suspended from Unified rail moves up down using a pneumatic hoist.   
SC5 Slide Column manipulator with a very complex end effector for lifting and rotating exhaust systems by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

The Slide-Column Manipulator Working with G-Rail Crane

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In this photo, an SC5 Slide Column lifts exhaust systems through an unusually large vertical travel of 1.5m. The slide column travels on a very large G-Rail™ bridge crane. The height-under-bridge is 4m the bridge runway spans are both 9m. Notice the Slant-Trusses on both the bridges the runways. The entire moving assembly is so large that the use of any crane rail type other than G-Rail™ would have rendered the crane too heavy for rapid movement.
A custom, all-steel slide-column manipulator moves rear axle assemblies in this photo. The end effector uses 2 G46 grippers 2 sets of handlebars (one on either side of the end effector). 

 The Slide Column rides on 2 G-Rail™ bridges, reinforced with the ultra-lightweight Slant Truss.
Heavy-duty slide column manipulator for transferring engines from one overhead conveyor to another. Note the blue tractor drive and blue hoist, both made by Demag.

Slide Column Manipulator for Heavy Loads

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With a normal crane, when any tractor drive is activated, the hoist chain immediately begins to swing. When motion stops, the load continues to swing, making placing of the load very difficult. 

 Our first Slide Column was made specifically to address a very real problem with a crane carrying engines at a major auto assembler. The swinging of the chain the load made it impossible to keep up with production. 

 When we installed a slide column to lift engines, very similar to the one pictured, the swinging stopped production increased dramatically. After roughly 13 years, our slide column is still lifting engines meeting production.
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