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Crane Components

Bridge Crane Components by Givens Lifting Systems Inc.

C 250 - MT - ______

Load Capacity

100Up to 100kg
250Up to 250kg
500Up to 500kg
Up to 1000kg
2000Up to 2000kg

Crane Components

ECEnd Cap
ESEnd Stop
ETEnd Truck
FTFestooning Trolley
HCHeader Column
MTManipulator Trolley
SPSplice Plate
STSlant Truss
TTTractor Trolley

For component HC

3.25m / 128" Height Under Bridge
4.00m / 157.5" Height Under Bridge
4.75m / 187" Height Under Bridge

For component ST

4mFor Rail span 4-5m / 13' - 16.4'
5mFor Rail span 5-6m / 16.4' - 20'
6mFor Rail span 6-7m / 20' - 23'
7mFor Rail span 7-8m / 23' - 26'
8mFor Rail span 8-9m / 26' - 30'

For component R

Please specify the required length for G-Rail™

For Custom Header Column weight, please contact us.

Trolleys (T) are meant to be used with ordinary hoists and balancers. Manipulator trolleys (MT) have large guide wheels that can withstand the side loads present with manipulators, torque arms and torque tubes.
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